Monday, 8 August 2016

7 Phases of Behaviour Infographic

This afternoon Jo Turner led our staff meeting to help us identify the 7 Phases of Behaviour. using Geoff Colvin's escalator graphs to help us make a visual connection. In keeping with the sketchnote and infographic professional development highlighted on the Manaiakalni google + page I decided to have a go at creating an infographic to represent the main ideas and my notes from the session.  I found this a lot easier than I thought once I had established  what I felt were the main points. It is interesting to think about what triggers negative behaviours in a classroom. Much of this being triggers that we don't see - reference here is to the iceberg. It's important to remind ourselves to look below the surface and think carefully about how we as teachers can defuse a situation to help our learners de-escalate towards a continued calm phase.

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