Saturday, 28 May 2016


Had a fantastic day at #SparkshopAKL. As a first time attendee of this type of training I have come away inspired, informed and ready to share at the next event. Thank you to everyone who shared and to Fiona Grant and Justine Driver for their organisation.

Session #1

Lead by Kat Gilbert-Tunny @TopKat76. This was a fantastic session that walked us through a wide variety of google extensions. I realised I have many of these extensions on my device but was reminded to take the time to think about using them. My takeaway 
Send from Gmail (by Google)

 allows you to compose a Gmail message quickly and share a link via email

Session #2:

Lead by Lenva Shearing @lenva. An excellent session on google extensions and add ons. Lenva kindly shared a DLO for reference. My takeaway

allows you to see a 'video' version of of text edits/revision history. I am looking forward to 
seeing how I can use this to help my learners make stronger connections to their learning.

Session #3:

Lead by Karen Ferguson @Karen968. A brilliant hands on session that walked us through the Tinkercad program. My takeaway is knowing how to make use of the features of this program and a huge feeling of accomplishment having created my own 3d design.

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