Thursday, 25 June 2015

Making Connections

These are my screenshots of a fake text. Yvette used iFakeText to create fake messages based around the debate about changing the New Zealand flag. Her messages are against the flag being changed, and Evelyn her partner is for the change. These messages state the different reasons for and against. This app allowed the students to 'see' the language features they were using and allowed their partners to 'see' the language features missed out or used incorrectly.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Punctuation Questionnaire

The MIT group devised this questionnaire to see where our class was at with their own understanding of punctuation. They sat with each student to support them with their responses. This decision was made after a group discussion revealed that maybe not everyone would feel confident answering questions if it wasn't explained properly. The group wanted this to be seen as an anonymous questionnaire so they created it on my devise and only I could see who has sent the responses. I printed this out (minus the names) and gave it to them to collate the data.

Our decision: We need to add DLO's that support and scaffold the learning to our rubric so that everyone can access and use it.