Friday, 9 October 2015


Empowering and affirming sums up the messages I have heard at uLearn15. Here are a few of my takeaways.

Grant Lichtman
Links to crowd sourced docs and keynote

'Technology has reimaged the transfer of knowledge and learning relationships between teachers, students and knowledge'
'fear and inertia get in the way of innovation and transfer of knowledge'
'We need to provide opportunities to evoke curiosity and problem solving skills'
'The stairway to success should be visible, inclusive and innovative'
'Students should ask own questions to generate passion'

What will I do:

  • Introduce an ideas wall
  • Ask my learners to describe something in 1 word then create a tagul to capture an image that represents the thinking.
  • Ensure every learner has contributed at least one question to explore during inquiry time.

Dr Anne Lieberman

'Teaching is something to share with others -  learning and teaching each other -  sharing stories and giving feedback. Teachers feeling released from keeping their ideas and questions to themselves'
'We should see each colleague as a valuable contributor'
'Learning is not done on your own, it's about making meaning by connecting to others'

What will I do:
  • Continue to embrace the Manaiakalani values of Learn - Create - Share

Reflecting on supporting and acknowledging Pasifika in the classroom
Annette Laban

'Teachers should be asking 'Who are my learners? Where do they come from? When did their ancestors come to NZ? Why did they come to NZ? What is their culture?'
'The culture of the child cannot enter the classroom until it has first entered the consciousness of the teacher – ‘Know me before you teach me!’

What will I do:

  • Create a crowd sourced inquiry (virtual atlas with facts) to establish collaboration and forge new friendships at start of year
  • Use technology to afford my learners the opportunities to 'hear' and 'say' the language

Things you should be teaching, but don't
Nikki Urlich

'Knowledge in your pocket need knowledge acquisition but needs explicit teaching!'
'Search it search it search it - question, words, clarify connect….skim scan and evaluate'

What will I do:

  • Run a Toolkit to share this learning
  • Use tuakana teina time to help develop searching skills in younger students
  • Introduce ‘Find out about Fridays’
  • Share the 'Google Off' idea
  • What should be in a model for searching? (What is it you want to find out? Use keywords to write your question. Skim scan is it working (Evaluate)? Change the words)

Lifting Our Game
Allanah King and Barbara Reid

'SAMR is not a ladder - Rather how we use technology in the classroom to benefit students compared with what we did in the past'
'Dr Ruben Puentedura looked at how different technology makes a difference in student achievement'
'Technology affords our learners... padlet from workshop'

What will I do:
  • Explore Link to Book Creator App
  • Follow @sylviaduckworth - illustrations to represent learning concepts
  • Ask: 'What is the task going to do for my students?'
  • Introduce the apps in this presentation to my class
  • Revisit the SAMR model when planning

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