Saturday, 6 February 2016

New Year, New Room, New Learning!

What a great start to our 2016 learning journey! This year I am an MDTA mentor teacher which means I have the privilege of team teaching for the year with Chelsea Donaldson, a PRT in the 2016 intake for the Manaiakalani Digital Teacher's Academy. You can follow Chelsea's learning journey here.

We began our new journey in a brand new learning space. The big change for me this year is the move from a single cell classroom to an ILE (Innovative Learning Environment). The challenges to date has been planning for a much larger number of learners and getting used to being part of a much larger room. New for me this year is to have five sibling pairs in the same room. I look forward to seeing how they grow in their learning within the same space. Will they gravitate to one another or will they escape to separate sides of the room?

On Friday Chelsea and I were able to join the staff of Tamaki College and the staff of Glenbrae School on their SOLO Taxonomy training day. Pam Hook delivered the best professional development that I have been to in a long time. We are both very excited to see how SOLO makes a difference to 2016's learning journey as we work towards changing the way our learner's see their learning. Our challenge is to help our learners move away from a fixed mindset and move towards a growth mindset.

It was very powerful to see the potential links that collaborative training can afford. When our Year 8's transition to Year 9 at the end of the year they will take the addition of understanding how SOLO can help move their learning to the next level. Beginning Year 9 with this knowledge already in their kete will be just one of the ways we will have worked collaboratively to strengthen the links between the schools.

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