Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Smart Searching PD

Today our Year 8's were taken through a session on smart searching with Mairi Ogilvie from the National Library. We were reminded of how to ask search engines the right question to help us find the information we are looking for. This was a great refresher for me too! The Year 8's as experts were asked to share their learning with the Year 7's. This was the best part for me as I observed so many of our quieter learners in a new light as they shone as 'teachers'. I am a firm believer of the thinking that we learn best when we learn with and from each other.

To make this new knowledge accessible I created a page on our site to allow my learners to work through the smart searching challenge to consolidate the learning a week later.

Click here to access the follow up tasks and a 'how to' exemplar created by Cecillia that takes you through the stages of narrowing your search.

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