Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Baseline Data Analysis

To gauge my learner's perspectives on how actively involved in the lessons they feel they are I asked them to complete Matrix 4 on the Evaluation Associates 'Student Capabilities Matrix': Promoting Further Learning. 

This paints an interesting picture as I have been able to see that all 5 students see their timing as being at the early stages as far as seeking feedback is concerned, but are spread across the matrix when thinking about when they implement feedback. When considering student initiation and involvement, 3/5 students identify as sometimes initiating or leading feedback that supports current learning and identifies next learning steps. 2/5 students seek explanation in a timely manner to take their learning further, with the remainder admitting that this may or may not happen. Pleasing to see is that 3/5 students are intrinsically motivated towards learning and feel confident enough to express their next learning steps.

I chose to use this method to measure levels of discussion as I believe if my learners can seek and respond to feedback from their peers they will realise that they don't always agree with opposing perspectives. Tapping into this is how I see the language of arguing developing in LS2. As motivation in the main is intrinsic, I am hopeful that personal connections to texts will become stronger as our learning journey evolves in a scaffolded and safe environment. My hunch is that if I actively plan opportunities for my learners to practise stating and justifying opinions in guided reading sessions, they will realise it is ok to see something through different eyes and will become confident dialogic learners who know when and how to share their own perspectives when working independently.

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