Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Te Taiao o Tamaki Hangouts

What a great morning we are having in LS2! Today our Manaiakalani schools are celebrating our cluster wide inquiry at Te Oro with presentations and performances. Not all of us were able to attend so the wonderful hangouts have enabled us all to be a part of the learning celebrations. We began by watching Glenbrae students present their inquiry. It was really interesting to see the learning other schools have been doing. When it was time for the PBS performance we all sat glued to our screens. 

 Listening to the Glenbrae students present their learning.

 Watching our own Panmure Bridge School performance.

Watching Tamaki College students present their learning


  1. Great to read how it is coming across at your end. Thanks for sharing are the performances coming through too?

  2. Hi Dorothy yes they are. Watched PES via live stream and it was really clear. This is fantastic, the kids back here watching with me have loved it!

  3. Awesome Robyn, wonderful to see the audience the live feeds received during the day.

  4. I had a wonderful morning learning about sustainability practices/issues from the PBS students - thank you Robyn, Kiri and team for all that you do!