Thursday, 14 June 2018

Creativity in LS2...

This term our Manaiakalani staff meeting reminded us about the importance of creativity in learning. Miki and Josh used their creative skills to create this image for the title page of a DLO they are in the process of creating. 

The DLO is at the moment a work in progress but when I saw what they had done so far I wanted to share it because I think it is a great example of creativity. Miki and Josh are happy for me to share their work and emailed me this to add to my blogpost:

'We are creating an animation about the muscular system. This is a Google Presentation and we used different shapes and lines to create an arm which shows you our muscles. We have used the same drawing of the arm muscles to create a GIF that shows what our muscles look like when we move our arms on the next slide. To get it to look like this we tested some shapes and lines to try to make it look real.' - Miki and Josh

I am looking forward to seeing their finished DLO because the language the boys used when they were explaining to me how they have used lines and shapes to show how the muscular system works was rich and really showed the deep learning that has taken place.

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