Saturday, 16 June 2018

Visual Connections

Yesterday I was in Karen Ferguson’s class at Tech and was immediately drawn to the display she had on her back wall. Karen has created a 5ft x 3ft google drawing that breaks down the structure and language features of an explanation. Her display is specific to her graphics class but as I could see the potential connections that could be so easily made by my learners I immediately asked Karen if I could use her template to create an example specific to my learners. I have seen a lot of displays in classrooms and online that teachers have created to help their learners make connections, but the content, layout and size of this one completely nailed it!


The link to Karen’s blogpost where she explain her thinking behind this resource is here. As always Karen was happy to share work so my next step is to create my own version to help my learners cement their own connections to the structure and language features needed in explanation writing.


  1. Thanks Robyn... you know I get lots of ideas when I visit you so it is good to be able to give back.

  2. This looks super cool as it is but I am intrigued to see where you take it with your own modifications