Thursday, 22 November 2018

Sharing our learning...

This week I took a group of year 7/8 students to Tamaki College to share their learning with some of the Tamaki College students. These boys did such an amazing job of sharing their google draw skills. As their teacher I was so incredibly proud to see them shining as they lead the learning and explained the instructions so clearly and confidently. A huge thank you to Mrs Pameka and Ms Apelu for giving us this opportunity, and to Mrs Hamer for inviting us into her classroom and for joining in the lesson.

Here are the links to the boys blog posts: Jack Sanujan Alex

 Jack explaining the skills he was teaching
Sanujan helping Mrs Hamer
  Jack explaining sharing some of his work with Mrs Pameka and Ms Apelu
  Alex explaining the skills he was teaching
Engaged learners
Team photo

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