Monday, 7 May 2018

Backward Mapping for Clarity

Below is my graphic that reflects the backwards mapping of my inquiry. I saw Karen Ferguson's post on how she did this and was immediately drawn to her graphic. As always Karen was happy to share when I asked if I could 'steal' her graphic idea to break down my inquiry.

Last week Kiri and I met with Aaron Wilson (WFRC) to discuss our planned inquiries. Here are my takeaways from our conversation.

With my focus being student efficacy (in writing), I have realised it is important to plan how I can help raise this, and as such have been looking at where I can notice success throughout my lessons. Aaron suggested in addition I pay attention to how I am phrasing my instructions, an important consideration and something I have been adapting over time.

Below are some of Aaron's suggestions as to how by keeping in mind that scaffolds are bridges not supports, I can help break down the barriers my target group have of not knowing what to write.
  • Use vocabulary lists as plan - eg: list all the 'cool' words - must use 5
  • Picture dictation, dictated drawing
  • Summary of a story
  • 10 statements - Draw clouds - 1 minute to draw (only one word allowed to be used)
  • Using the pictures to ignite the talk
  • Retell using the pictures, this is then in their own words
  • Write captions for the pictures
  • Multimodal opportunities - Hear - Draw - Speak and Listen - Write 
  • Change the setting / characters
  • Draw stick figures to plan the writing
  • S chart to show progression

I am excited to implement some of these ideas as I know my learners respond well to 'fun' writing that has a clear end point. I will be taking Aaron's advice and will use video to map the changes over time.

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