Sunday, 1 July 2018

ISTE 2018 - Arts and Technology PLN Breakfast Walk

This was one of my favourite sessions and completely worth getting up at 5am for. Kiri and I met the rest of the group at Cloud Gate, otherwise known as 'The Bean'. The purpose of this session was to connect with other educators, learn a few photography tricks and we explore some of the iconic sites around Millennium Park. Below are some of the images I took during this session.

Group photo 

Photo taken by Kiri

My takeaways:
  • Use the panoramic setting to capture tall buildings - remember to scroll slowly until you get a square on the screen
  • App snapseed - use the 'drama' setting
  • Turn phone sideways so volume buttons are on top righthand side to use these as the camera shutter button
  • Tap the screen to focus on one area
  • Remember rule of thirds and use gridlines

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