Sunday, 1 July 2018

ISTE 2018 - Keynote 2

Andy Weir
Science fiction author: The Martian and Artemis

Creativity in science can be explored in literacy - STEM Read
Boredom leads to disruption - problem solving by finding the how to can provide the level of challenge and the process of learning - research + find solutions - driven by curiosity to find many possibilties
Failure based learning is flipped to embrace failure by finding the solutions
In writing need to know how to structure and write in the genre - eg problem + solution cycle in writing helps hook the audience in
Create Ebook to grow global audience - can put on on AMAZON

Katie Martin

Build T pd from stdnt interest to evoke curiosity rather than just complying - transform learning thru design and creativity as this hooks the T in to and the passion is shared. Empower ones to embrace their passions not just what they are told to learn - know your learner. Digital citizenship prepares students for now not for tomorrow - the Internet is their now!

Luis Perez: TED X

Visual impairment means he lives between the sighted and non sighted world - mixed culture - Spanish in an English world
all values need to be incorporated into education so stdnts don’t have to live between worlds
Alex - synthesised voice (assistive technology) gave hope as the barriers were removed - seeing positivity (eg Luis choosing to learn photography despite visual impairment) ‘ The photos are for the viewer the event of photography is for me’ - photography makes me visible and helps others address their preconceived thoughts and ideas
Technology makes things possible - eg Ebook text can be enlarged etc and/or read to you - allows everyone to access the learning - humanity allows for those with different backgrounds can be empowered to be the best you can be
T should be the start - light the path and given he stdnts the tools they need to turn the lights in in their own paths

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