Sunday, 1 July 2018

ISTE 2018 - Learn to create some pretty sweet graphics

Presenter: Manuel Harrera

This was another session that Kiri and I attended together. The most valuable part of choosing to do sessions together was the follow up conversations we had immediately after relating to how we can use the learning with our own students. We have many students this year who are highly skilled graphic artists and I am very much looking forward to sharing my learning from this session with them. Below are my notes.

  • Creativity is a process - not just choosing the go to app (ref to slide 2)
  • Sketch to visualise thinking - communicate without speaking to each other
  • Adobe capture in iPad saves your data
  • Canvas slide - saves colour pallet - has image sizes
  • Insert word art allows for automatic resize of text
  • Google search font pairings
  • Vector art can be scaled from any size - doesn’t blur or pixelate
  • Use Instagram template to create bio for historical leader etc
  • Use polyline in google draw to create shape for vector art
  • Remove outline - colour fill - send to back
  • Repeat process for each shape - layer
  • Innovation Exchange 
  • Change canvas using pixel measurements
  • Add graphics
  • File - download png
  • If wanting sticker cld send design to sticker mule
  • App design storyboard 
  • All drawings are done in slides too
  • Gif animation - draw peanut jar - find png arms on image search - upload each movement snapshot to google photos - assistant in google photos creates animation gif
  • Sound = shrink YouTube clip down to smallest size to hide but can hear

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